A peaceful day at Sirena
The 2012 Costa Rica Project aims to install renewable energy technology for the Sirena Biological Station in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. Providing reliable energy to the area would have several significant impacts on the development of the region, as well as the well-being of an irreplaceable rainforest. Currently, this center is running on solar power, but because of the region’s heavy annual rainfall, cloud coverage often results in no power for days at a time, and low reserves of battery power.

A micro hydro plant could harness flowing water as a clean and renewable source of energy, without causing any harmful side effects to the delicate environment of the region, and eliminating the need for a backup generator. Our efforts to find the most cost-effective design will make the implemented micro hydro system a practical model for nearby communities who can also take advantage of micro hydro-generated energy in their geographic location, and hopefully encourage the entire region to embrace renewable energy by example.

Micro hydro system
The micro hydro generator is an important step towards Sirena being able to perform at its highest efficiency, become a more developed center of research for sustainability, and in turn, we can expect a higher level of global respect for an essential part of our ecosystem.